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Turkish anti-drone technology rolled out against ‘aerial threats’

Turkish anti-drone technology rolled out against ‘aerial threats’

Turkish anti-drone technology rolled out against ‘aerial threats’

Threats growing from the use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for spying and eavesdropping purposes have rapidly increased the demand for anti-drone jammer systems, with Turkish defense firm ASELSAN commencing research to develop such technology.

Due to their easy accessibility, easy use, and low costs, drones as well as mini-UAVs, normally used for defense purposes, have become weapons “in the hands of terrorist organizations,” state-run Anadolu Agency said in a report on Jan. 30.

Such threats therefore led the leading defense firm ASELSAN to commence research for producing and developing anti-drone jammer systems.

As a result, security concerns born from the ill-use of drones and mini-UAVS resulted in the developing of the anti-drone jammer system İHASAVAR by the defense giant.

İHASAVAR designed to protect military bases, facilities, areas used for mass events, high value assets and checkpoints provides a cost-effective solution with its light-weight, easy and high ergonomic use, Anadolu said.

Its software has the capacity to program more than 100 different jamming profiles to use for various strategy scenarios.

This handheld-backpack anti-drone jammer removes the need for sensor systems to track drones and mini-UAVs.

With the coordination of Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries, anti-drone technologies have started to be added to security forces’ inventories as of November 2017.

Both in domestic and foreign markets, about 500 İHASAVAR systems were delivered in 2018.

Another anti-drone system developed by ASELSAN, named İHTAR, also aims to neutralize threats from UAVs and mini-UAVs by protecting critical facilities and preventing illegal border leaks.

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